Aged man gets hope and is happy from a senior care caregiver

We are delighted to offer Live-in Care as a service

Senior care plus live-in care varies from client to client and depends upon their level of need but essentially it means that a Carer or team of carers will live with the person needing care in their home and provide round-the-clock care.

Live-in care usually includes personal care, (like washing, dressing and supporting morning and nighttime routines), supervision of medication, helping with odd jobs around the house, cleaning, cooking and of course companionship. Carers may also take your loved ones to the shops or help support getting them to and from medical or hospital appointments. 

You can have live-in care for as long as you like: two weeks, a month or even as a respite break to cover while the family carer has their break – it’s entirely up to you.

Among the top home care agencies in Ireland, we’re dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of your loved ones through sustained emotional support, and all in the comfort of their own home. At Senior care Plus we understand that mental and emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health.

As such, your live-in carer will always endeavour to not only be a source of help and support, but also an excellent companion. In fact, many individuals develop true bonds with their Carers and would consider them to be a friend as well as a support professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is live-in care?
Live-in care is one to one support tailored to the needs of the client in their own familiar surroundings. A fully trained carer living with the client and helping with their daily care routine to be able to live independently at home. 
Who can benefit from live-in care?
Live-in care is available for adults of all ages in the comfort of your own home because a residential care home is not always the best or only option available. You can continue to live in the place you know and love with dedicated care support on a one to one basis. For an elderly relative or friend, a live-in carer can become a huge source of support, especially for someone frail or regularly experiencing falls.
Who Are Senior Care Plus?
Senior Care Plus is a family orientated and family-led personal care service throughout the south-east of Ireland, helping you to remain independent at home. Contact us today to find out more Live-In Care is the trading name of Living Carers Ltd.
What is expected of a live-in carer?
To ensure a person’s continued quality of life the personal care duties performed by a live-in carer may include their bathing, washing and dressing, and assisting with their personal and oral hygiene, toileting, and maintenance of their appearance.
How are live-in carers assigned?
When you arrange live-in care, apart from your immediate care needs, we will find out your hobbies, interests and get to know you as a person. This enables us to match you with a suitable live-in carer that can support you physically and mentally and likely to become a close friend over time.

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