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As Ireland’s population continues to age, good quality care options are more important than ever. Fortunately, the range of care options available to Ireland’s older people is expanding. At Senior Care Plus, we provide an array of quality care options.

Whether provided by the state, privately or through non-profit organisations. Support for older people is widely accessible today.
Home care or supportive care that is provided in an individuals home by professionals is by far the most-preferred care option among Ireland’s older people and family members who need support in looking after their loved ones.

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Senior Care plus has vast experience in providing quality home care services, built up over many years. Relationship-based person-centred care is at the core of Senior Care Plus service delivery model.

When help is needed

Just because an older person is having more problems at home does not mean that it is time to recommend a move to a nursing home. Home care might be the perfect solution for an older parent who is recovering from an illness or surgery, such as a knee replacement, and needs help around the home. It could be for an older person who has lost a spouse or has become lonely and depressed to the point where their health is suffering. Similarly, a widowers increasing forgetfulness could be putting that person at risk of forgetting to pay the bills, or worse forgetting to take their prescribed medications.

However, the first step in determining if care is required is to take your ageing loved one’s needs and desires into account. Sometimes these are difficult conversations to have with a parent who is convinced that he or she does not need help.

The best argument for a family caregiver may be to acknowledge their desire to stay at home and to point out that a little extra help could keep the older person safe and independent at home for longer.


Signs that often trigger a call to Senior care Plus

  • Houshold bills pilling up.
  • Reluctance to leave the house.
  • Losing interest in meals.
  • Declining personal hygiene.
  • Declining driving skills.
  • Scorched pots and pans. (cookware left forgotten on top of an open flame may be a sign of short-term memory loss or even Alzheimers disease).
  • A Messy house (changes in housekeeping may come about because the individual is tired.
  • Losing track of medications.

Signs of depression can include:

  • The feeling of hopelessness and despair
  • Fewer visits with friends and family.
  • A change in sleeping patterns.
  • A lack of interest in the usual hobbies and activities.
  • Missed Doctors appointments and social engagements can be a sign of depression or forgetfulness.
Aged man gets hope and is happy from a senior care caregiver
Aged man gets comfort and hope from a senior care cargiver and is happy

What is Home Care

Home care is supportive care provided in an individuals home by professional Caregivers. Common tasks by a Senior Care Plus caregiver would include assistance with tasks such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication prompts, assistance with trips to the Doctor, errands, and shopping. Senior care Plus also provides specialised Alzheimers and Dementia care. Many Senior care Plus caregivers have personal experience of caring for a spouse or a parent, and they share the same hobbies and histories as their clients. A reputable home care organisation such as Senior Care Plus will provide professional Caregivers that meet all of these needs.

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